4 week ONLINE course - Starts 3rd March until 24th March.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm

In each week's 90 minute long relaxed zoom workshop I'll share some of my favourite techniques and my own personal hints and tips.


And together, with you, I hope to provide you with a community of supportive, like minded participants!


In this course I'll be digging deeper into what takes your textile piece to the next level!


I'm known for my particular style and my use of colour and composition in my work. Here I'll share some of my personal hints and tips for designing pieces with colour and composition.

We'll touch on colour theory, colour selection, structure, balance and pattern. At the end of this course you'll have a better understanding of creating an overall piece so you can continue to develop your own artwork,  stitching or embroidery practice.

COLOUR & COMPOSITION - Community Online Course