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6 week ONLINE course - Starts 5TH September until 10th October.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm

Maximum Class Size: 12

Level: Beginner/Intermediate.


Perfect for beginners to Sashiko stitch, looking to learn textile mending skills or for people familiar with the stitching technique but looking to develop their knowledge of the decorative form of Sashiko.


In each week's 90 minute long relaxed zoom workshop I'll share some of my favourite techniques and my own personal hints and tips. And together, with you, I hope to provide you with a community of supportive, like minded participants!


Sashiko is a Japanese folk craft that is hundreds of years old with roots in practicality. Sashiko means “little stabs”, and that perfectly describes the stitch.


​The slow, meditative process of forming one stitch at a time is calming so I find Sashiko the perfect technique for a bit of relaxing, self care & quiet time! Personal restoration and repair if you will!


Fiona will take you through the basics of Sashiko stitching; ways the technique can be used to embellish or patch repair textiles, or as a decorative stitch in it's own right. We'll develop our own personal projects over the block of time, hopefully feeling a little repaired ourselves in the process.


You will cover the following techniques:

  • Getting started – setting up your hoop, handling threads, starting and stopping stitching
  • How to work Sashiko stitches for a repair or reinforcement
  • Creating and stitching a decorative Sashiko pattern on fabric
  • Introduction to ‘Boro’ – layering mends and patches with Sashiko stitch
  • Bringing your stitches together to create your own composition


Materials you will need:


  • A piece of fabric
  • Embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle
  • Something to mark on fabric – e.g. tailors chalk, erasable pens, frixion pens etc.
  • A ruler (or quilting ruler if you have one)
  • Scissors / snips
  • Paper and Drawing pen / pencil


What others have said about Fiona’s courses:

“The Sashiko course gave me a wonderful sanctuary every week to have to stop everything and just be there and sew. I love the way Fiona's classes give you the chance to participate in a virtual meet up but without the usual pressure to talk. The pace was perfect and I shall absolutely be returning to the pieces I was working on. Cannot recommend enough.”


“Really enjoyed my Sashiko course with Fiona, learning from someone who produces such beautiful work herself.   I looked forward to my weekly sessions and will be keeping a watch on what other courses are coming up.”


“I loved this Sashiko course, very different style to other classes with Fiona, and a very relaxing new hobby!”


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