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At Camban Studio we believe in creating beautiful high quality products, that are designed to be loved for a long time.

Once your purchase is home we recommend the following aftercare to keep your item looking great and feeling good...

How to care for your Camban Studio products:

With a bit of care, your Camban Studio products shouldn't need too much upkeep.


Cushions & Silk Scarves:

All our cushions are all backed in 100% lambswool and our scarves are made with 100% silk. These special fabrics require special care.


If your items are requiring a freshen up, place your cushion cover or scarf in a ziplock bag, and place in the freezer for 24 hours. The freezers cold temperature will kill any bacteria, smells, or pests and can also reduce pilling. After you remove from the freezer, simply give your item a gentle shake out and lightly press if necessary.


When pressing these items we would always recommend a lower heat (wool or silk setting) and to protect your item with a pressing cloth or muslin.  

If soiled, we would recommend that wool, cashmere and silk items are professionally dry cleaned.

100% Cotton items including tea towels, pouches, runners and napkins:


Due to the nature of printing we would recommend handwashing where possible, however cotton items can be machine washed at 30 Degrees. We would recommend removal from the machine as soon as the washing cycle is complete, then give a good shake out and air dry your items hung flat. 

These items can be pressed safely using your irons Cotton setting. 

Please be aware that due to nature of printing for these items, machine and/or repeated washing may result in colour fade. 


Repair service:

If any of your Camban Studio products require repair, or if after a few years you are seeing any wear and tear, we can happily do those repairs, some visible mending, some patching, or embellishments to keep things looking beautiful! We would much rather fix a broken zip than leave an item unloved.



You can also choose to have any of your pre-loved Camban Studio item upcycled. We can overprint, dye, embellish, or reconstruct to make your item into something completely new.

Trade in:

Depending on the condition of your pre-loved Camban Studio item, we can alternatively offer you a trade in for a completely new Camban Studio item.


Camban Studio items are made with care and designed to be loved for years, but if it's done, it's done. If your Camban Studio item is at the end of it's life, please recycle. Return it to me and I'll make it happen.

For more on any of the above information and services please contact me.

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