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At Camban Studio we believe in creating beautiful high quality products, that are designed to be loved for a long time. We believe in sustainability and want to see the change towards a circular and renewable textile industry.

Read more about the ways we are working sustainably below.

Our materials:

We use only sustainable natural materials in our products - Cotton, Wool, Cashmere, and Silk.

Our fabrics are from reputable suppliers. For our Limited and Collector edition printed pieces we use the highest quality fabric off cuts and end of line fabrics that may otherwise have been contributing to textile waste.  


Our suppliers and manufacturing partners:

We take care that our suppliers and manufacture partners share our sustainable values. 

Our fabric suppliers are:

Johnstons of Elgin

And for Digital print and fabric base supply:

The Silk Bureau

CAT Digital

Fashion Formula

Small batch manufacture:

Kalopsia Collective


How our products are made:

Limited and Collector edition hand screen printed items are fabric printed by myself in Aberdeen, Scotland. During the screen printing process I try to minimize waste as much as possible.

Digital printing is outsourced to The Silk Bureau, CAT Digital and Fashion Formula depending on the item. (See above) These are all located within the UK and have responsible working practices. While no manufacturing process is without impact on the environment, Digital Textile Printing is certainly one of the friendlier in todays UK textile industry. It’s reputation as the eco-friendlier of the printing processes is predominantly measured through the reduced amount of waste inevitably produced.

Camban Studio products are then ethically small batch manufactured and assembled by the team at award winning social enterprise Kalopsia Collective who are committed to sustainable and conscious manufacturing. 



Repair service:

If any of your Camban Studio products require repair, or if after a few years you are seeing any wear and tear, I can happily do those repairs, some visible mending, some patching, or embellishments to keep things looking beautiful! I would much rather fix a broken zip than leave an item unloved.



You can also choose to have any of your pre-loved Camban Studio item upcycled. I can overprint, dye, embellish, or reconstruct to make into something completely new.

Trade in:

Depending on the condition of your pre-loved Camban Studio item, I can alternatively offer you a trade in for a completely new Camban Studio item.


Camban Studio items are made with care and designed to be loved for years, but if it's done, it's done. If your Camban Studio item is at the end of it's life, please recycle. Return it to me and I'll make it happen.

For more on any of the above information and services please contact me.

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