Returning January 


A program of online courses running from January until December 2022!

In each course I'll share some of my favourite techniques, projects to do throughout the year, and my own personal hints and tips to get you inspired on your own textile craft journeys, all alongside our community of supportive, like minded participants!

Spaces are limited on each course to keep things cosy, so you can be sure to get the most out of joining each session.

See below for a taster of what to expect, and the various joining options I have on offer...


The course gave me a wonderful sanctuary to just be there and sew. I love the way Fiona's classes give you the chance to participate in a virtual meet up but without the usual pressure to talk. The pace was perfect and I will absolutely be returning to the pieces I worked on.

Cannot recommend enough!

From the get go Fiona created the perfect tone for the course by her openness and encouragement that all levels, styles. methods are welcomed. This really set the tone for the group, making the workshops very peaceful, inspiring and connected. 

Immediately I felt comfortable in the environment Fiona created for us all. It was a joy to learn something new and be able to spend such lovely quiet time, working away on our pieces with a new bunch of people.

I left every session feeling lighter and like it was a huge wind down from the day. A wonderful way to spend an evening.

What our Community participants say...

What will I need to get started?


I've designed the program to need very little investment in equipment or materials. You certainly don't need anything fancy, but if you find you love certain techniques you can upgrade your equipment or materials as you go, and if you so wish...


All the equipment you'll need to get started is...

- An embroidery hoop is useful if you have one, but not at all essential!

- A piece of fabric to be used as backing fabric - this can be anything! - an old bit of cotton sheet, old t-shirt etc. (big enough to fit your embroidery hoop if you have one) 

- Additional fabric scraps - could be old clothing, old kids clothing, fabric left from other projects etc. 

- Selection of threads / yarns - e.g. cotton embroidery thread, regular sewing thread, wool yarns. 

- Needles to suit your threads / yarns. 

- Scissors / snips. (Household scissors are fine if this is what you have to hand)

- Optional - paper, glue stick, pins. 

Why not order one of my starter kits.


Or If you're looking for any supplier recommendations feel free to get in touch

Joining options to suit you...

I've created a range of ways you can choose to join in with our Community programme of online workshops, from joining me for a particular course, through to a Premium Subscription which gets you additional content and exclusive gifts!


Simply join me for a course at a time.

Select and Pay for each course as you go:

£40 per 4 week LIVE course


£60 per 6 week LIVE course

or if you can't make it live choose one of our self-directed digital courses:

£40 per Digital Course


Join me for the entire program - 28 weeks (or 42 hours!) of textiles community!

Pay from £20 per month 

(saving £40, or the price of a full 4 week course versus buying each course separately! )


Access our subscriber exclusive online Community space where you can catch up on anything you've missed, access all our courses digitally, and get exclusive inspirational project briefs.


Join me for the entire program - 28 weeks (or 42 hours!) of textiles community!

Pay £25 per month.

Access our subscriber exclusive online Community space where you can catch up on anything you've missed, access all our courses digitally, and get exclusive inspirational project briefs.


All year round 10% discount on Camban Studio products!

& claim a FREE exclusive printed Camban Studio project pouch,

perfect for keeping your craft projects together!

(Normally worth £45)

What' courses are in store?


6 week course - Starts 20th January until 24th February.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm


We start with 'Drawing with Stitch' Perfect for beginners, to get you started, or to refresh past skills!


Using collected fabric scraps, and readily available materials, I'll show you several simple embroidery stitching techniques to create 'drawn' texture and drama on cloth. Through these simple techniques I'll give you the ability to create your own drawing on cloth through simple meditative hand sewn mark making.

We will discuss selection of materials and composition as well as covering a range of my favourite embroidery stitches. 


"What Thursday evenings are meant for. I'm developing new skills, am motivated to try things and am gently getting to know other people too. Fiona's new community has a comfortable atmosphere for both artistic people and those at the more crafty end of the creative spectrum."



4 week course - Starts week commencing 3rd March until 24th March.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm 


In this course I'll be digging deeper into what takes your textile piece to the next level! 


I'm known for my particular style and my use of colour and composition in my work. Here I'll share some of my personal hints and tips for designing pieces with colour and composition.

We'll touch on colour theory, colour selection, structure, balance and pattern. At the end of this course you'll have a better understanding of creating an overall piece so you can continue to develop your own stitching or embroidery practice.

"I loved how Fiona took us from a basic place but pointed us towards wonderful artistry. It was very empowering and inspiring!"


4 week course - Starts week commencing 21st April until 12th May.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm



I'll take you further with your stitching, showing you how to add beads and sequins to give an extra dimension to your work.


I'll take you through ways to build height and texture with embellishment, how to work beads into stitches, attach sequins, and show you how you can go on to develop your own 'couture inspired' work. 


"A brilliant little 4 week course on beads and embellishment that gave me a chance to be creative just for the joy of it. And extra special being that I could connect to family doing the course too many miles away!"



4 week course - Starts week commencing 19th May until 9th June.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm


Ever wanted to design your own embroidery patterns and designs?


In this course I'll combine everything we've learned so far into designing our own finished embroidery motifs.


I'll demonstrate several embroidery stitching techniques perfect for creating your own botanical inspired textile piece.

"I have been pleasantly surprised at the variety of stitches I have learned in only a few weeks. I find the classes really relaxing and Fiona is a great teacher! I am hooked."


6 week course - Starts 8th Sept until 13th Oct.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm


Sashiko is a Japanese folk craft that is hundreds of years old with roots in practicality. Sashiko means “little stabs”, and that perfectly describes the stitch.

The slow, meditative process of forming one stitch at a time is calming so I find Sashiko the perfect technique for a bit of relaxing, self care  & quiet time! Personal restoration and repair if you will!


I'll take you through the basics of Sashiko stitching; ways the technique can be used to embellish or patch repair textiles, or as a decorative stitch in it's own right. We'll develop our own personal projects over the block of time, hopefully feeling a little repaired ourselves in the process.


"Really enjoyed my Sashiko course with Fiona, learning from someone who produces such beautiful work herself. I looked forward to my weekly sessions and will be keeping a watch on what other courses are coming up.."



4 week course - Starts 3rd Nov until 24th Nov.

Thursday 7.30pm - 9.00pm


A stitching practice is the perfect thing to carry you through into Winter!

Join me for some weekly quiet time amongst the festive frenzy; stitching away on personal projects that you've been developing over the course of the year or working through a range of demonstrated winter inspired textile craft projects.

Finish the year off with pieces to decorate the home, tree, or just feeling a little more centred!

"Thank-you for this lovely, relaxing course. I learnt new skills, got lots of ideas and thoroughly enjoyed each session."

I'm looking forward to welcoming you! x