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Craft Maker Award '21

An exploration of natural dyes, eco-printing, screenprint, handstitch.


This Craft Maker Award enabled me to take a period of creative time after my move into my new studio to develop techniques that had previously been difficult to do at home. It enabled a period of time to fully re-explore and further develop my screen printing, eco-printing and natural dye processes and how I could combine these with hand stitch.

A selection of final pieces were exhibited at Deemouth Artist Studio Project Space alongside work by other Deemouth Artists who had received VACMA funds.

A number of additional samples were also created throughout the project:

With many thanks to Aberdeen City Council's Creative Learning Team and Creative Scotland who enabled this project happen through the Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award programme.

The Visual Artist and Craft Makers Awards (VACMA) are a programme of small grants schemes delivered with a range of local authorities and art agencies across Scotland to support Scotland-based visual artists and craft makers in their creative development.

Established by Creative Scotland, these partnerships give support at a local level and work with local panels to offer funds to support practitioners at all stages of their career who have demonstrated a commitment to their work and in developing their practice through new work, new skills or new opportunities.

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