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White WIld Flowers

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Your wildflower seeds contain twenty three native British wildflower species and grasses typically found in areas across all soil types.

Consisting of 80% grass and 20% wildflowers, it creates a permanent sward with flowers from May to October and is suitable for creating habitats in areas containing a range of micro climates or where there are no particular severe weather conditions to overcome.

80/20% Ratio

The seed mixture is called a “nurse crop” and usually takes the form of an open growing non-competitive grass seed mixture. Given the correct future maintenance, this nurse crop will gradually form a smaller and smaller contingent of the sward, being replaced by the wildflowers as they establish and mature. 


Why Sow Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are a very important part of our everyday life providing a rich, colourful and diverse ecological habitat for many insects and wildlife. They also offer great aesthetic value to enhance the natural beauty of the British countryside, parkland, roadsides and gardens.

Over the past 50 years, the number of traditional wild flower meadows has dramatically declined which has resulted in a noted decrease of British Insects. For pollination to take place, we need the ideal flowers to attract those all-important bees, ensuring plants become fertilised and reproduce.


  • Remove all existing weeds, if necessary use weed killer, only sow four weeks after applying.

  • If the area has been overgrown with weeds for several years, it is important to reduce the number of weed seeds in the soil, it may be necessary therefore to allow time for the first flush of weeds to germinate then remove before attempting to sow any wildflowers.

  • Wildflowers prefer a poor soil with low nutrients, so remember not to apply fertiliser.

  • Once the weeds have been removed prepare soil to a fine tilth for sowing your wildflowers.

  • Try not to disturb the soil any further as this may bring more weed seeds to the surface.

  • Sowing times can be any time during the period end-March – end October the ideal time being autumn but avoid the hot summer months.

  • One packet contains 5g of seed which will cover 1m2. It should not be necessary to rake the seed over as the light helps germination on many species.

  • The nurse grasses will appear within 7 – 10 days; the wildflowers may vary depending upon species – some may take only a few weeks, while others can take several months.

  • Cornfield Annuals flower the same year if sown during the spring or the previous autumn.

  • Perennial wildflowers will establish during the first year of sowing and flower in year two.

Please sow responsibly and enjoy your landscape!

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