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Visual Artist Craft Maker Award - 2021

I'm delighted to have received a second bursary Award from Creative Scotland and Creative Learning Aberdeen to fund a new period of creative development; To take a step back from digitally printed batch produced products, and take a move towards developing slower made, process rich, explorative and experimental one-off pieces now that I have my studio at Deemouth Artist Studios!

I'm planning on developing my practice in terms of textile surface, combining techniques, and looking deeper at surface qualities such as colour, pattern, texture and structure. And I'll develop and give new life to pre-loved and deadstock textiles by printing, over printing, eco-printing, embellishing, and combining with stitch or repair techniques. I'll dig deep into how a combination of these methodologies could create interesting and beautiful textile works that fit my existing aesthetic and give a feeling of place and seek to build more meaningful relationships between the textile, the landscape and me, as the maker.

We're off to a bit of an unplanned start as I'm unable to spend as much time at the studio as I'd hoped as I've been at home schooling, but we've had plenty opportunity to start of my period of development with some at home stitching based on our local lockdown walks!

Individual samples have now been stitched together into my January panel.

Check back to see how the project develops!

Fi. x

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