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Hey previous Subscriber!


Welcome to Stitch Club!


I am opening my doors for Camban Studio Community once again and I'd love to offer you the chance to join in as part of stitch club.


I'm not going to be teaching you any new content, but you're more than welcome to come along and revise anything, or just to set aside some time for some stitching and join in with my newcomers to the courses. Would be great to see you again!




A program of online workshops running for a full year from January until December 2022!


Join me for the entire program - 28 weeks (or 42 hours!) of textiles community!


I'll be taking you through a range of techniques I personally love to get you inspired on your own textile craft journeys.

These courses will run on a Thursday evening - 7.30pm - 9.00pm online. 


In each weeks 90 minute long relaxed workshop I'll share some of my favourite techniques, projects to do throughout the course of year, and my own personal hints and tips.


And together, with you, I hope to provide you with a community of supportive, like minded participants!

You won't need many materials to join me - some fabric scraps, a needle and some thread will see you through most of it. Whilst materials lists will be provided in advance of each course, what I'm really hoping is that you can bring some imagination to find your own stitch style, and find some time for yourself in the process!

Spaces are limited on each workshop to keep things cosy, so you can be sure to get the most out of joining each session.


Join me for:


DRAWING WITH STITCH - 6 week course - Starts 25th January until 29th February.


COLOUR & COMPOSITION - 4 week course - Starts 7th March until 28th March.


EMBELLISHMENT & BEADS - 4 week course - Starts 18th April until 9th May.


BOTANICAL SEWING - 4 week course - Starts 30th May until 20th June.


SASHIKO STITCH - RESTORATION & REPAIR - 6 week course - Starts 5th September until 10th October.


WINTER TEXTILES - 4 week course - Starts 7th November until 28th November.



Camban Community 2024 - Exclusive Stitch Club!

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