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Created by Fiona Hall, Camban Studio celebrates the value of textiles and textile skills, and the raw beauty of our local Scottish landscapes. Our environment inspires what we do. From the colours, details, and natural forms and plants that exist within it, to how we can keep our environment beautiful for our future society. That's why we are committed to sustainable and circular textiles and giving back to our communities and our earth. 



Let me pass my craft textile skills to you in my relaxed community learning workshops.


Gifting Season

My printed homewares and beautiful gifting items are inspired by the local landscapes of Aberdeenshire.

Take the beauty of those landscapes into your home with our sustainable and circular homeware and accessories collection.

Buy once, love forever...

At Camban Studio I believe in creating beautiful high quality products, that are designed to be loved for a long time. I believe in sustainability and want to see the change towards a circular and renewable textile industry.

I am committed to circular design and offer you a range of product aftercare services including repair, upcycle, trade in and recycling.


What our customers have to say...

"The Sashiko course gave me a wonderful sanctuary  to stop everything and just be there and sew. I love the way Fiona's classes give you the chance to participate in a virtual meet up but without the usual pressure to talk. The pace was perfect and I shall absolutely be returning to the pieces I was working on. Cannot recommend enough."

That's not all...

I work on a wide range of projects from my studio space base at Deemouth Artist Studios, here in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Whether it's experimental textile projects, international collaborations, or working with other organisations to facilitate workshops, I love working with textiles and sharing ideas and what I've learned with others.

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