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A day with Chloe Patience.

Last week I spent such a lovely day in Edinburgh's 3 Hill Street studio space with Chloe Patience. Along with 9 other lovely ladies I was there for an Embellishment and Beading workshop.

Chloe is so lovely and the work she has produced both as half of Bebaroque and as a freelance embroidery designer is even more fantastic in real life.

I had a super relaxed morning, spending some time reminding myself of some hand embroidery stitches, while consuming tea and pastries. Then after a lunch break the really fun bit started, playing away with beads and sequins in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. It was amazing to see how some really simple techniques can look so effective!

We finished the session working on a piece of our own design making an embellished motif using foils. I chose a flower motif using gold foil, the couching technique and beads and sequins. The foil didn't quite work as planned but it actually gave a really interesting antiqued texture that I loved. It's always good when happy accidents actually make the design better.

It's given me lots of inspiration for some projects. I'm going to have to go out and get sequins and beads galore to add to my stash.

Chloe also runs more advanced classes and I'd love to go back, so hopefully I'll see her in Edinburgh again.

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