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The Doorstep Mile...

The Norweigans have a phrase, "Dorstokken mil" meaning the doorstep mile.

The thinking behind it is that the hardest part of any journey is the start. Well this is me taking my first step over that doorstep. I've decided to go and do it. To try and achieve my dreams. To follow my heart...

From the age of 8, I wanted to be a designer. My favourite Christmas present as a 10 year old was a sketchbook and set of graphite drawing pencils. At the age of 17 I moved to Glasgow to study for my Bachelor of Design (Hons) in Product Design at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art. At the age of 22 I did a years part time study in jewellery making at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen and went on to undertake an apprenticeship with a locally renowned commission jeweller. I went on to work there for five years, working between the workshop and the retail space, meeting customers and designing bespoke items of jewellery for them.

I loved it. Times were hard though, and the business that I worked for was forced to close. I was left without a job, my husband Dan had just started a post grad back at University and we had a mortgage to pay. I had a choice to try and continue on my own with all the uncertainty that would bring or take a different path with a bit more security.

And I took the secure path. I was too scared to try. I put the designer me away in a box, and went to work for a multinational corporation.

I don't regret it. I've had 7 years in a commercial role. I've learnt a lot about business, about myself, learned lots of transferable skills, gained lots of experience, met some fantastic people. It's also given us the financial security to be able to buy a proper house, and have two beautiful children. All these things that I don't know would have been possible in a different situation.

But my design dreams have never left me. I've dotted in and out of doing bits and pieces in my spare time but nothing serious. Dan and I have always talked about moving out of Aberdeen and heading west. The kids are growing and don't need all my attention all the time. And now feels the right time to start thinking about finally putting things in motion. Taking the plunge, seeing what I can do, stepping over that doorstep...

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