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For the Love of Colour…

Have I mentioned that I love Colour?

I love colour.

I would say I prefer bold splashes of colour against more neutral colours. And If I was forced to choose I would say Green was my favourite. (And Navy blue, and sunshine yellow, and Crimson, and Ochre, and bright vibrant pink and on and on and on!)

And I love wearing colour. Probably my favourite thing about having a day job is that I get dressed properly for work. I don’t scrimp on colour at work either. I’m known for my shoes. So recently when I was looking for some colour Inspiration I naturally turned to some of my favourite work outfit combos!

Colour palettes were created from the photos using the Pantone Studio App. (Seriously addictive)

How do you dress? How are your colour preferences reflected in your wardrobe? I would love you to share in the comments!

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