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Update! The end / start of Life as a Creative!

We've now finished the Sustaining Life as a Creative experience and it was such an amazing one! It was such a privilege to spend the time on the programme with this inspiring group of women.

Through the programme we worked on our goals and ambitions, creating artists statements, participating in critical feedback sessions, sharing our creative journeys and our brand stories, thinking about our audience and our strengths and weaknesses, looking at our work / life balance and future plans, figuring out money and how to look for and apply for opportunities. I think we all cried more than once, but each session we grew in confidence and capability and became closer as friends. And we finished as a close network of strong, focussed and determined creatives.

I have learnt so much about myself this year. And this programme played a huge part in that. Having time to really reflect on my creative practice has been a gift. Identifying how my work has been informed, from my earliest memories, through my life to where I am now, what I enjoy, how I live, has greatly influenced my current practice and the Camban Studio brand feelings.

Having this awareness as a creative practitioner is such a benefit. Feeling able to be more reflective and selective about opportunities or directions for the future will hopefully stand me in good stead.

Getting the chance to learn and develop with this inspirational group has been the greatest thing. It’s not often that you can find such a supportive network that are so willing to share and participate. We are already planning ways we can keep collaborating, and setting up regular critical feedback sessions to continue to support each other.

I didn’t want the programme to end. It has been an unforgettable experience.

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