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Best of #MarchMeettheMaker

For the whole of March this year I was participating in Joanne Hawker's 'March Meet the Maker'. It's always a fun month to follow along with the prompts and tell others, and find out, about makers processes and personalities.

So I thought that I would do a little highlight recap of my best liked posts of the month compressed into a weeks worth, in case you are not on Instagram and missed it!

DAY 8 - Product Range.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my product range at the moment and have a number of things I’m planning to explore this year.. But please let me know - where would YOU love to see my prints?

DAY 10 - You.

Hi! I’m Fiona. It’s lovely to meet you! And thanks again to @roryholwerda For the picture.

DAY 1 - Favourite to make.

Obviously I love a cushion and I think this one in particular is a favourite. I probably won’t give this one away. It was an experiment, which is my preferred way to work! It combines a lot of my favourite materials and processes - navy Harris tweed, abstractly applied foils, then screenprinted with my lace lichen motif and hand embroidered over the top to give a total contrast of textures, while still maintaining a really simple aesthetic. The sewing took me ages but was seriously therapeutic over some beautiful sunshine days out camping last summer!

DAY 30 - Support.

I have the best husband in the world. He’s always supporting and giving me space for my dreams. Together for 13 and married for 10 years this year! (Surely we’re not old enough?!) Not sure how he’s put up with me and my faces for that long but very grateful that he has! He’s also the best Dad, teacher and all round good human, and feeds me too. Love you @d_b_hall Xx

DAY 25 - How it’s made.

Once my fabrics are ready they get shipped off to the lovely bunch @kalopsiac to get made into my finished products. Kalopsia are small batch textile product manufacturers based in Leith, Edinburgh. They are a social enterprise focused on sustainable, environmental, and social economic principles which is all pretty flippin’ awesome in my book! 📷 @kalopsiac

DAY 21 - Throwback.

Here’s a throwback to some cushion covers I made many moons ago! We went to Harris on honeymoon and I brought home a sizeable pile of Harris Tweed that I then used to make some cushions. I embroidered them and sewed them up myself and gave some to friends, and we have some on our sofa. I made them for my own amusement really. The ones pictured here were inspired by lapping waves and have never actually been used, they are still sitting in a storage box in the studio, so if anyone’s interested in buying them you can let me know! (Update - these have now been sold!)

DAY 5 - Detail or close up.

I really enjoy a bit of creative experimentation to see how I can progress and develop my work. I love to work with different textures so have been doing some experiments layering digital prints with screen-printing in puff binder to achieve depth. This is puff binder on top of puff binder and has given some pretty fun results.

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