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A mini series exploring MY VALUES. First - Locality.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

This wee series of journal posts hope to explain a little bit more about the values behind Camban Studio and what influences are behind the work I do...

Starting with this one - No 1 – LOCALITY:

The Definition of locality is. 1 : the fact or condition of having a location in space or time. 2 : a particular place, situation, or location.⁠

The work I produce is really firmly rooted in Aberdeenshire and Scotland! All my inspiration comes from local walks, local sites and the native landscapes. I use local plants to create dyes, or use them for printing and it makes me feel closer to my environment, and I hope it means you can bring a bit of my local environment into your home environment too.⁠

As well as being influenced by the local landscape I use and support other local Scottish businesses to do their thing too. A lot of my materials are sourced from Johnstons of Elgin, fabrics milled by skilled craftspeople from my Husbands home town. And I work with the wonderful Kalopsia Collective who are a social enterprise based in Dunfermline who small batch manufacture most of my products. Both these partners share my sustainable and ethical values and are keeping textile skills alive in Scotland.⁠

Our next value - SUSTAINABILITY... My Values - Sustainability. (

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