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My Values - Promoting Positive Wellbeing.

I covered this one a wee bit earlier with my Community post, but I hope I can help others in finding some positive wellbeing, whether that’s from connecting with others or learning new skills, but also I hope you get some inspiration through what I do at Camban Studio to find wellbeing through getting out and about, being physically active and exploring the outdoors and being a bit more mindful about noticing what’s maybe growing, or changing in your surroundings.

As a family we’re quite active, and we love taking time together at the weekends to be out and about. Usually a good Sunday afternoon walk gets any ill feelings shooed away and sets us up for the week ahead. I hope sharing these little Sunday moments with you gives you a second to connect with something that lifts the spirit!

I hope you've enjoyed these posts and learned a little more about what makes this wee business of mine tick.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my values so leave me a comment or drop me a message here or on socials!

Thanks as always,



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