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My Values - Community & Sharing Knowledge.

When I started Camban Studio I was doing it for me. I was at a point in my life I had been focussed on mothering my kids as they were still really young, I had been doing a job that didn’t fit who I was – and along the way I had lost a lot of who my true self was. To be honest, I was really lonely, and my life was serving a lot of other needs above my own. I really needed to find myself again.

So I just did it. I made a huge change. I did find myself again and through the process found myself in the really supportive Community of Aberdeen creatives. I now have my best friends alongside me. And things are pretty great.

Now Camban Studio is so much bigger than me! I really value the importance of Community, and how the sharing of craft knowledge and skills can bring people together. Craft has such a positive impact of peoples personal wellbeing.

When I set up my Community courses, to be honest it wasn’t really about teaching sewing. I know the transformational effect it had on my life when I said to myself, this is for me. I’m going to set aside that time for me. I’m going to find people that love the same things that I love. I’m going to push myself to do something new.

That’s what my ‘Community’ courses are really about. And now I get to spend my Thursday evenings with this great group of people, we chat about life, and if they pick up some new stitches for their repertoire then that’s pretty awesome too!

I’m still serving others, but this time round I’m doing it in a way I love, and that also considers my own needs. And I’m hopefully now inspiring my kids and others as I go.

Being part of the fantastic Deemouth Artist Studio Community and wider creative Community of Aberdeen and Scotland is inspiring. You can do your thing, there is space for everyone, and the makers really support each other. So huge thanks to everyone in the wider Community of Camban Studio whether you’re a customer, a colleague, a participant, another maker, an organisation that I’ve worked with, a partner, you’re all amazing. YOU MAKE CAMBAN STUDIO.

My next value - Circularity - My Values - Circularity. (

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