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My Values - Process.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

I am involved in the processes that create my work.

I don’t know if this is always obvious or not?

If you’re getting something from Camban Studio, I have been heavily involved in the process somewhere and often times as much as possible!

My feet have taken me to the place of inspiration, my hands have touched the plants and taken the photo or responsibly picked that flower. I’ve used my hands, and analogue hand tools to make the marks that will become the print designs. I’ve felt the fabrics and used my eyes to judge the best colours. I’ve created the natural dyes, I’ve screen printed that fabric, I’ve hand stitched those threads…

Doing and being immersed in the process of making, and my craft is the thing that I really love – I get into a state of flow and it makes my heart sing. I love experimenting and exploring techniques and processes. I’m always learning things. I really MAKE. I really love the PROCESS of making!

With Camban Studio you’re getting something handcrafted with a bit of my soul in it!

I do love working with partners to carry out processes I can’t do in house, are too labour intensive within the time I have, or are maybe processes I don’t get so much enjoyment out of, and that works well for me. So, for example, I do use external digital printers and the awesome Kalopsia Collective to small batch manufacture my products.

But, with Camban Studio It’ll never be a commercially mass produced product made in an overseas factory. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that approach, but it just isn’t what I do!

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